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Microblading training in Knoxville in 2020.

Are you looking to start a new career as a Permanent Makeup artist and still can’t find the right Microblading training in tennessee?

We are happy to announce about Microblading training in Knoxville, Tennessee. Feather Touch Studio now will be offering training for beginners and advanced levels. Every course was specially designed and created with attention to details with focus on the fundamental elements of each technique. Now we are getting 3 new courses ready microshading Course, ombre brows course and the most wanted and requested combination brows training.

A lot of our students who finished Microblading training in the past where thrilled to find out that there alternative ways to create crisp hair strokes without causing extra damage to the tissue and avoiding possible complications such as scarring. Digitial blading (Machine hairstrokes technique) is a lot less invasive technique that has been around just a few years but already getting super popular among the most experienced artists in the industry. Don’t waste your chance to become the pioneer in the Industry of permanent makeup and join our machine hairstrokes training in Knoxville.

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